Parts List

Generator Technical Services has the knowledge and capabilities to reverse engineer and produce many parts of your hydro or turbo generator. The list below contains the major components we can provide. Please contact us for additional detail or if you do not see your specific need.



Retaining Rings

GTS has the capability to manufacture replacement retaining rings for round rotors up to 500 MW. We can reverse engineer the current rings and provide replacement or upgrade forgings in any required metal composition as well as final machining to the correct size.


Collector Rings

GTS can reverse engineer, manufacture and machine collector rings as a direct replacement to the rings currently on your rotor.


Rotating Copper Parts

GTS can provide any of the replacement copper parts for your rotor. This includes entirely new windings, replacement corners, new bore copper and insulation and new main leads. We can work with you to provide upgrades to the current system which could include increased excitation capacity or different style corners.


Rotor Insulation and Blocking

GTS can provide replacement insulation and blocking for any style or make of rotor. This includes turn-to-turn insulation, slot armor, head and end winding blocking and retaining ring insulation.




RTD Feed Through Panels

GTS manufactures an upgraded feed through panel for RTD wiring on hydrogen cooled generators. This panel replaces the outdated and leaky rubber sealed panels with a modern panel that is guaranteed not to leak.


External Copper Parts

GTS can provide replacement copper parts for the conductive pathways on the outside of the generator. This includes replacement buss bars, flexible leads / links and “clamshells”.


High Voltage Bushings New and Rebuilt

GTS can provide replacement new or refurbished bushings for your hydrogen cooled generator


Stator Wedging System

GTS has the capability to reverse engineer and replace the current radial support / wedge system with a new system using modern materials. Replacement materials include G-11 Fiberglass, Cotton Phenolic, or Brown Canvas and new wedges can be constructed in any required style.




Fuses and Diodes

GTS can provide replacement diodes and fuses for all brands of brushless excitation systems.

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