Generator Repairs

Rotor Maintenance/Services

- Complete and Partial Rewinds

- Coil Repair

- Disassembly and Assembly

- Repair Shorted Turns

- Retaining Ring Removal

- Collector Ring Replacement and Machining

- Manufacture of Coil and Main Lead Jumpers

- Replace Slot Liners

- Replace Inter-Turn Insulation

- Remove, Clean, and Inspect Wedges


Stator Maintenance/Services

- Assembly and Disassembly

- Full and Partial Rewinds

- Core Iron Repair and Replacement

- Complete and Partial Rewedge and Radial Wedge Support System Upgrades

- Core Tightening

- Coil Insulation Inspections and Repairs

- Installation/Repair of RTD’s and Thermocouplers

- End Winding Support System Repair and Installation

- RTD Panel Manufacturing and Installation

High Voltage Bushings

-Disassembly/reassembly of housing needed to gain access to generator bushings

-Cleaning of generator bushings and the complete bushing box area

-Adding Viscasil where required

-Any other customer requested services


Exciter Maintenance/Services

- Visual Inspection

- Cleaning

- Banding Repair

- Wedge Removal, Installation, and Repair


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