Generator Testing

Rotor Testing


- Winding Insulation Resistance

- Polarization Index

- AC/DC Over-Potential

- DC Winding Resistance

- Shorted Turn Detection

- AC impedance

- AC Pole Balance

- Recurrent Surge Oscilloscope (RSO) Testing

- Flux Probe Installation and Analysis


- Borescope Inspection

- Terminal Stud Seal Pressure Test

- Non-Destructive Evaluation Testing (NDE)—Rotor, Body and Rings

- Collector Ring Inspection


Stator Testing


- Low Flux Core / Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection Test (EL-CID)

- DC Winding Resistance

- Insulation Resistance / Polarization Index

- Power Factor / Dissipation Factor

- DC Leakage and DC Over-Potential

- Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Accuracy and Insulation Resistance

- Through Bolt Insulation Resistance

- Transposition Testing

- Tube-to-Tube and Tube-to-Copper Test

- Offline Partial Discharge Monitoring


- Borescope Inspection

- Wedge Tightness and Deflection testing

- Coil Spacer Tightness

- Building & thru bolt breakaway torque checks

- End Winding Resonance / Bump Test


Exciter Testing

- Armature, Field, and Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) Insulation Resistance

- Armature, Field, and PMG DC Winding Resistance

- Field Pole Balance

- Diode Wheel Fuse Testing, Current Leakage, and Forward / Reverse Resistance


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